Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad Friday - Tales of a Selfish Mom

Since having JD, I have not been in the habit of over-planning my days. We take it pretty easy and build most days around JD's schedule of eating, sleeping and pooping. The only real scheduled activities have been my Baby Boot Camp and working one day a month at Care Corps, our church's outreach center.

This past Friday was the exception to that rule. I had a bunch of stuff planned for us to do that I wanted to get done. We had planned to get up early to go to a children's clothing sample sale that is held twice a year down in Garland. Then we would go to Care Corps for the afternoon. The plan was to then take JD home for a good nap and then we would head back to church. Jon and my brother-in-law Josh and Jordan (our friend from church) were going to be cooking a tasting menu for an upcoming event that they are catering. So this was the plan.

Things went pretty well first thing in the morning. I got up at 6 and got ready before JD woke up (that works best for everyone). Then I fed JD and played with him like normal. We got dressed and headed over to pick my mom up for the sale. JD took a nice nap in the car along the way. We got to the sale and I put him in the Baby Bjorn (which he really doesn't like) and went into the sale madness (women pushing and shoving for the best selection).

JD was a little fussy at the sale, but did okay considering the circumstances. After the sale, my mom and I went to La Madeleine's for lunch before going to Care Corps. JD took a nap during lunch and woke up at the end to eat a bit himself. So far, so good.

Then we went to Care Corps to interview applicants for Christmas assistance. We had 9 people come in, plus a few drop-ins for food help. This made for an extremely busy afternoon. And JD was unnerved by all the strangers in the room. He screamed everytime I put him in the Johnny Jump Up or the pack n' play. (It didn't help that all of these well-meaning strangers kept coming over to him to try and play with him). So I carried him on my hip all afternoon, while making copies of IDs, talking to applicants, packing food, carrying groceries, etc. at Care Corps. I think my left side is getting unnaturally large from the extra muscles I used.

He just got worse from there. We spent an extra hour and a half at Care Corps because of the extra people, so I was just frazzled at that point and JD was SCREAMING.

So we went home. I gave him a bottle and some food - still SCREAMING. At this point, I knew I wasn't going to be able to go up to church for the tasting. And for the first time since I had JD, I was really resentful of my little son that I would be missing the fun. I know that sounds terrible, but I really wanted to enjoy some relaxing conversation and some good food.

So I stayed home with JD. Instead of steak and potatoes, I ordered a pizza and we hung out. He cried and fussed for most of the night except 30 minutes right before bed where I had him in hysterics laughing from playing and singing. Then he went to bed (more crying and SCREAMING before he finally went to sleep). Ahh... I earned my mommy card on this day.

And I learned my lesson. Trying to do too much in one day makes for a very rotten and fussy baby and a very tired and frustrated mommy.

** Follow Up Note - On Saturday morning, Jon did a great job of trying to give me a break and hanging out with JD. And we had a GREAT time together as a family doing some Christmas shopping that afternoon. JD was an angel like he usually is!


Stephanie said...

Caleb used to be very fussy when he was younger, and I would almost go crazy when I had to be with him screaming his head off by myself for long periods of time. I would be so ready to hand him off to Chris when he got home! Glad he was fine on Saturday!

Dara said...

And you survived! Congratulations! ha! Glad JD returned to his normal sweet self!