Thursday, November 1, 2007

In the Swing of Things

We have enjoyed a nice week with the beautiful Fall weather. My Baby Boot Camp class dressed the kiddos up in Halloween costumes to work out. I'm not sure what was scarier, the costumes or the sweaty moms!

Jon and I took JD out to the park to let JD enjoy the swings again. I think it is safe to say that he is hooked! He really loves it!

Last night was Halloween and we had a few trick or treaters around here. JD got back in his Curious George costume (one last time) and greeted all of the kids in costumes. I think he had fun until around 7:45. At this point, he got so tired that he couldn't keep his little head up. We have some great video of him falling asleep sitting up and then waking himself back up when his head dropped.

We've been having some difficulties keeping him asleep at night for the past couple of weeks. Maybe a growth spurt thing or new phase. But he wakes up around 1:30 and doesn't want to go back to sleep.

So I have tried doing less naps during the day and he gets REALLY tired by nighttime. Hence the head dropping, etc. But it has worked for the past couple of nights and he is back to sleeping through again.

On another note - I stumbled across a friend out on the internet that I had been keeping in touch every once in awhile through emails over the years. I discovered that I really didn't know the person as well as I thought. It was a little bit of an eye opener as to the pervasiveness of the internet. I guess the lesson that I took away is that nothing (and no one) is ever really anonymous out in cyberspace. So be careful what you post! It may come back to haunt you...(total pun intended with Halloween and everything)

Hopefully JD doesn't mind later on that I have used this forum to post his exploits and adventures during his first years of life! I guess I will avoid posting the naked baby on the bearskin rug picture to head off any possible future embarrassments!


Dara said...

Love the swing pic... adorable! Yikes on the email contact!

Heather said...

The swing pic is way too cute!! He is such a sweetie!