Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thankful for Thanksgiving

I am certainly blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving with two families on two different days this year.

We started off at my family's on Friday with family pictures! This was quite the adventure with four grandkids - two under 1 year old. The last I heard we were going to need to photoshop a different head of JD since he was the only one not looking at the camera at the same time. He definitely has a hard time smiling in different situations. Oh well.

We enjoyed a fabulous lunch with all the traditional Thanksgiving foods and enjoyed talking and catching up with my Aunt Jan, Uncle Ivan and my cousin Mystee. JD loves playing with the girls. They are so entertaining! Emma (who is 6) sings and plays with him, Ellie (almost 2) keeps him on his toes by stealing his toys back ("mine" is a big word for her right now) and Marin (5 weeks younger) who is just entranced by JD and can't stop smiling at him. We ended the day by watching Ratatouille together.

Jon and I did some cooking that night to get ready for the next day with his family - a casserole, chocolate trifle and greeen beans. I had to pack up too to get ready to bring JD over to his family's house. We brought the pack n play for naps, the Johnny Jump Up and a bag full of toys, not to mention all of the necessities - diapers, formula, baby food, etc.

We got up bright and early to make the 1 hour trek up to the compound (Jon's family's place). We were the first ones there because Jon was so excited about getting the guys started on the football game. People started to trickle in and/or wake up and the guys braved the wet and cold weather to start their game.

The womenfolk stayed behind to set up for dinner. Everyone's food was delicious! We set up the two tables in the living room and laid out the spread. The guys came in with only two injuries (Daniel had pulled a muscle and Solomon turned his ankle) and ready to eat.

We had a surprise announcement during our Thanksgiving prayer from David and Suzanne, who are expecting a little one next May!! Yay! More cousins for JD! We are so happy for them!

After dinner and dessert, we cleared out the room and enjoyed some music by Gerry, Hannah, Solomon, Sarah and Mercy. JD enjoyed playing with all of his aunts and uncles. Here is a cute pic with his Uncle Daniel.

Then we got down to the business of Christmas. Santa Mercy (helped by her daddy this year) passed out presents to everyone. I think everyone got something they really needed/wanted! JD got to open his very first Christmas present - it was from Uncle David and Aunt Suzanne.

After presents, everyone talked and played with their new presents and there was an impromptu "bluegrass" band that was created among the musical siblings. They had a great time recreating such classics like Amazing Grace.

It was so fun to be able to spend time with both families during the holidays! I have to say that I am still full from the food though. I'm glad there is a year in between Thanksgivings to recover and lose the extra weight!


Heather said...

We had fun too!!

Lindsay said...

It looks like you had a blast this Thanksgiving. What a blessing from God families are - not matter if they are blood, in-law, or in heart. :) Thanks for the pics. The kids look great.

Dara said...

Fun pics and fun times! Can't wait until the Christmas celebrations start... oh, I guess that means I better start shopping! ha!