Sunday, December 2, 2007

Charlie Brown Is Coming To Town

I am still a sucker for holiday specials on television. I get so excited about "A Charlie Brown Christmas" or Frosty or Rudolph (narrated by the late great Burl Ives). I still think it puts the newer shows to shame.

I saw an advertisement for "Shrek the Halls" the other day on tv. Blech. How can an ugly ogre and donkey compete with the cute Peanuts gang doing the dance as they are getting ready for the Christmas pageant? And what about when the kids save Frosty from melting away forever when his magic hat is stolen?

I love the cheesy animation and silly songs! Who cares about new high tech computer animation when you have such great classics? Before the time of vhs and dvds, I used to look forward to Charlie Brown (brought to you by Dolly Madison cakes) every year! I couldn't wait for the networks to bring me Rudolph and Frosty or Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

I hope that by the time JD is old enough to appreciate such fine entertainment that he loves it as much as I did when I was a kid. Actually, as much as I still do now!


Heather said...

Sorry to say, but I think a lot of the older Christmas specials have already been on! Those are my favorite as well. I did hear an ad on the radio the other day for a dvd that had the original frosty/rudolph/santa all on one dvd. I may have to try to find it!

Dara said...

I loved watching those when I was a kid! Every year I think, "maybe this will be the year that one of my kids will enjoy these shows," but hasn't happened yet. Emma and Ellie Beth could care less about these shows. I think Emma would watch one with me if I sat there with her and EB was someplace else! ha! Emma does seem interested in the Peanuts one... so we might try that one!

Stephanie said...

I love those shows too! I would always make sure that I got to watch them each year.