Sunday, December 30, 2007

24 Hours in Colorado

We are still having fun in Colorado. David and Suzanne made it safely last night, but they did say that it was pretty heavy snow on the road.

Emma was the only kid brave enough to try and brave the elements yesterday.

The kiddos had a great time playing together. Emma is JD's personal entertainment center. He loves to watch her play!

Emma helped Jon cook baked ziti last night. A chef in the making!

We rounded up the evening with 3 episodes of 24. We are all hooked now. But we have to wait until the kids go back to sleep to continue the series tonight!


Ouida said...

I was so glad to read and see this and know how you are all doing. I'm glad everyone made it there safely and you are having fun. It sounds like the weather is being a challenge with I 70 closed because of high winds and avalanche possibilities. I hope the singles skiing aren't having too many adventures! Thanks for the news.