Monday, December 10, 2007


What a busy weekend! The holiday season is officially upon us and now that I am semi-well again, I can enjoy it!

Our church had its annual Holly Jolly Christmas Party on Saturday night. I am on this committee so we had a few things to do on Friday afternoon (like fluffing artificial Christmas trees until my arms were covered with scratches and setting up tables). I was also a table hostess with my sister, so we decorated a table on Saturday morning.

My husband, my brother-in-law Josh and our friend Jordan were the caterers for the event. This was their first official catering gig together, so they had been planning for weeks (maybe even months). I mentioned a few blogs ago that I missed their yummy tasting party that they had in preparation for their event.

The guys spent the entire day chopping, saute-ing, baking and cooking the ENTIRE meal for 220 people from scratch. Everything was homemade from the bread to the hand tenderized and handrolled flank steak, stuffed with spinach, bacon and carrots. It was really delicious.

Everyone enjoyed the dinner and the event overall (that I could tell). Entertainment was cute with the ministers doing a little choreography and the kiddos singing (my niece Emma had a solo). The only hiccup for me was JD.

JD slept FIVE hours on Saturday to get ready for a semi-stressful evening for him at the Holly Jolly. He went in the church nursery with the other babies and the teens who were babysitting. He started off okay with his Uncle Solomon. I stopped in to check on everything after we served the salad and JD was screaming his head off.

I gave him a bottle (even though I knew he wasn't really that hungry) and Solomon fed him the rest of the bottle before I left. I came back after the salad and JD is screaming again. I rocked JD a bit and played some games and got him back in good spirits again. I told Solomon to come get me if JD started screaming again. About partway through dinner, out comes Solomon. Oh well. I brought JD out with me for the remainder of the meal and the entertainment.

I guess JD was a bit too young for crazy church festivities. Hopefully Uncle Solomon will still want to spend time with his young nephew! I know JD wasn't upset about being with Solomon. I think it had more to do with an unfamiliar situation than anything else.

We had a pretty busy Sunday too. So we all went to bed early on Sunday night to recover. I hope the rest of the holiday season is downhill from here. Whew.


Stephanie said...

Caleb screamed his head off at Holly Jolly last year when he was 6 months old, but this year he did much better. So hopefully JD will like it better next year too!

Dara said...

Yes, this was definitely a crazy weekend! Hopefully, JD will do better next year! Thanks for all your help with the table hosting!