Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hooray for 2008! We rang in the New Year with the Boyd bachelors, David & Suzanne, Dara & Josh and the kiddos.

David, Jon and Josh spent most of New Years Eve day plowing tremendous drifts in the road. The guys planned on skiing, but the work was too much to get the road plowed so we could all get in and out.

The brothers came in from the wrong direction, so David and Jon had to go and tow them out of a big drift before dinner. Josh cooked up fajitas while all of that was going on, so we were ready for dinner when they finally got to the cabin at 8.

We rounded out the evening again with 3 episodes of 24. We determined to finish the first season before we leave!

It is just me and Ellie and JD today. Everyone went off for skiing today while Suzanne went to Denver. Emma was signed up for some lessons and I think Jon and David were going to take a lesson too. The weather is beautiful today with warmer temperatures finally. No snow in sight.

Ellie and I are currently eating apples, drinking water and getting ready to watch Cinderella (we have already watched the Wiggles, Polar Express and Mickey Mouse). JD is down for a morning nap, so I feel like I might be able to handle a toddler and a baby someday...(but don't get any ideas because I'm not planning it anytime soon).

I guess I need to go start "Innereyya" which is Ellie for Cinderella. She is tired of Beeckey (or Mickey).


Heather said...

I am sorry that you guys are having to spend soo much time plowing! I hope you are still enjoying your time away from home...we are thinking about you!

Ouida said...

I appreciate your having and feeding the brothers. We were glad they all made it home safely. Have a great vacation and give J.D. another hug for me.