Sunday, January 6, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

We made it back late last night after a fairly uneventful drive home. We did have some high winds in Colorado and saw three semi trucks flipped over from the wind. But we managed to make it through just fine. We heard there was a pretty decent snowstorm that came in on Saturday night. Thank goodness we decided to leave on Saturday morning!!

JD did great in the car. We borrowed 2 Wiggle DVDs from Aunt Dara to give us some relief from the one that we had. JD just loves the Wiggles - at least the singing and dancing.

We drug ourselves out of bed this morning to go to church. It was hard to get motivated when the house looked like a Christmas nightmare (presents everywhere, wrapping paper still out and about, etc).

JD was so happy to be home too. He crawled everywhere and smiled at everything. It is nice that he recognized his home.

Now we are working on getting down the Christmas decorations, unpacking, doing laundry...vacation is over!


Dara said...

What a long drive home... the home trip always seems about 50% longer than the drive up! We still have the Christmas crazies all over our house! It could be another week before we are able to get our house back in order! Hopefully, you guys are able to get yours down faster!