Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm a Big Kid Now

JD hit his nine month birthday with little fanfare in Colorado. But I have to say that I am a proud mother.

He grew his 6th tooth around this time and is slowly but surely starting to get a little more hair. He is crawling like a maniac now and walks in between the furniture. He is saying baba and mama and understands important things like "Do you want a bottle?" and "Are you ready for bed?" (I know he understands because to both questions he starts crying.)

But he is a smart little guy. He recognizes his name and turns toward the right parent when we say "Where is Mama? and Where is Daddy?" I'm pretty sure this is an early indicator of genius. He has started dancing a bit to the Wiggles and claps when he is happy.

We took him to the doctor today and he measured up at 29 inches long and 20 pounds. That puts him at the 75th percentile for height and 45th for weight. Tony Romo, watch out because JD is quarterback material based on those percentages.

The nine month benchmark is giving us a little bit of a challenge in regard to the previously mentioned bathtime and also in regard to sleeping habits. But the rewards are so much greater! His sweet smile, babbling and playfulness at this age are so much fun.

Ten months? Bring it on!!


Heather said...

I have missed seeing JD while you have all been in Colorado...he needs to come see his Uncle Dan and Aunt Heather!! (we missed you and Jon too...haha)

Ouida said...

It was fun to see that cute picture. I do agree with what you said. He is a special guy. Hope to see you Sunday. Maybe we can babysit again sometime.

Supermom-In-Training said...

JD can't wait to spend some time with his Aunt Heather and Uncle Daniel, as well as Grandma and Grandpa! He has missed getting to see his Boyd relatives! If I am hearing the offer of babysitting correctly, I'm sure Jon and I can find a reason!!

Kristi said...

Happy 9 month birthday!! What a cute little guy and sounds awfully smart as well!

Dara said...

JD is definitely the smartest nephew I have! ;) He is definitely a cutie! I can't believe how big he is! My little mini-kids just don't compare! I will find out EB's stats next week... I will keep you posted. I wonder how far off they are from each other? I measured EB at 32 inches at home on Monday... not sure about the weight. We shall see what the doctor says!