Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gobble Gobble and Ho Ho Ho!

As part of Jon's family traditions, we always do Christmas with his family on Thanksgiving. I love this tradition because it always puts me in the mood for the Christmas holidays! It's like a Christmas Kick Off Day!

This year was different because it was the first year in his parents' new house! It was so nice to be able to spread out with all the family and be comfortable together in one space!

We had a fun day with Jon's family with a great meal, as usual. The guys all went out to play football, while the womenfolk stayed in the kitchen to prepare the meal. JD was not in the mood for naps, so he stayed up and played with the other kids.

After the meal, we opened presents and JD definitely seemed more into the whole thing this year. He was so excited about his present from Cousin Luke that he could barely wait for Dad to untie it from the box!

Aunt Mercy loved her Cowboy Santa and cowboy pillow for her room that is starting to resemble a Roy Rogers' magazine spread. She has the cowboy bedding and rug and is starting to collect all sorts of western decor in her room now!

We really enjoyed visiting with everyone and was sad that we had to leave kind of early so I could get on the road for Indiana...stay tuned for tomorrow's post on that adventure!