Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Picture Day

Remember that day at school every year?? I used to look forward to getting to wear a pretty dress for pictures in the cafeteria.

For Jon's parents' Christmas present, we (all of the kids) gave them a family portrait for their new house. It had been several years since their last family portrait - before any spouses and definitely before any grandkids.

We squeezed 20 adults and 4 babies into a pretty tight (and very hot) space to take a picture together. It was fun to have everyone from all over the country together for the picture. And all of the babies did remarkably well! No fussing from any of them, but they all got a little antsy toward the end.

This was the end result. Of course, my son is the only one doing weird poses, but with that many people, majority rules. Everyone else looks great! And I think most people looking at the picture would understand a 19 month old looking squirmy.

And we got a grandkids picture with everyone looking pleasant for the camera! Yay!

We also did a family picture with just our little family and it turned out pretty well!

And of course, we needed to do a JD picture in his sweet little brown suit. This was seconds before he bolted off the set to go visit the rubber ducky that the photographer was teasing him with. But the photographer at least caught a cute moment!


Lynn Leaming said...

Precious pictures! I find it amazing that 20 people with 4 babies could turn out that well! Imagine another 10 years with more children in that picture! You will have to take it in sections and put them together :)

The Laird's said...

I love it! Great pictures!

Lindsay said...

Remarkable picture! What a sweet family.

Stephanie said...

Love the pictures! The one of JD is precious! They will be great to have!

Dara said...

Love the pics!!! Too fun! The one of you three is really great! Can't beat the lollipop picture also... adorable!