Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hawaiian Paradise Part 1

Jon and I just returned from our Hawaiian vacation in Kauai! We went with Dan and Heather and Jon's cousin Jeremy and his wife Lindsey and we all left our babies at home with our loved ones! (I'll have to post later about JD's adventures without Mom & Dad)

The trip started off kind of comical. We thought we were flying out DFW airport with Dan and Heather on the same flight. But when we got there, we didn't see Dan or Heather anywhere. We got a little concerned, but we saw their car in the remote airport parking. We figured they were offered an earlier flight.

When we got in Los Angeles, we see them in the waiting area of the airport and they were so worried that we missed the flight. Neither of us knew that we actually booked flights that were one hour apart!! We also met up with Jeremy and Lindsey because their flight was delayed and were rebooked onto our flight!

After a six hour plane ride that was more than a little bumpy, we checked into our hotel - the Grand Hyatt Kauai and were greeted with fresh flower leis. So nice! We were tired, but not too tired to enjoy a little Hawaiian music and food at the hotel!

The next morning, Jon and I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise breakfast. The Hyatts in Hawaii always have beautiful dining locations.

It started raining shortly after that, so we all loaded up into the cars and took a drive up to Waimea Canyon. It was amazing!

That evening, we were supposed to go to our luau, but we rescheduled due to the rain. Coming up...kayaks, death-defying rafts and fancy dinners!


The Laird's said...

yeah, i can't wait to hear the rest!

Angel From Heaven said...

You and Heather are so good to update your blog so fast! The pictures look good! I am trying to get the pictures posted in the next few days! I guess we will see you guys in the next few days.