Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family Time

We traveled to Arkansas this week to celebrate the life of Jon's Mamaw, who passed away this weekend.

It was a nice time to visit with family about the wonderful life of such a great lady. JD had fun meeting his cousin Izzy for the first time and playing with his other cousins too.

Kenna is showing off her new crawling skills for Izzy in this one.
JD is teaching the girls about socks and shoes and all of the important things in the book. He is really taking an interest in letters right now and can find "O", "C", "R" and "T" when they are in a book.

JD actually did pretty well, considering the lack of naps and different people all around. He and Izzy had a lot of fun together and caused a little trouble playing on the "slide" (wheelchair ramp) beside the room where the visitation was happening. They both got pretty excited and would squeal going up and down. There is nothing like the laughter of a small child to bring a smile to everyone's face.

JD and I both were recovering from colds this past week before we went to Arkansas and we found out that at least JD's cold was productive. He got in both of his bottom TWO year molars. Yes, I know, you are saying, "But he is only 19 months old." Apparently I have a child prodigy when it comes to growing teeth. If he starts in on the three year molars, I'm calling Guiness Book of Records...


Heather said...

Cute pics!!

I can't believe JD already has his two year molars!!!

Dara said...

It is cute to see JD as the "big kid" in the pictures. So sweet! The teeth are really amazing... I can't believe how early he has been with all of his teeth! Go JD on the letters!!! Woo-hoo!