Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pictures with Santa

I know that everyone is expecting a story about JD screaming his head off while sitting on Santa's lap. I was expecting it too, so I didn't dress him up to go the mall and pay $30 for a picture of my kid screaming on Santa's lap. But every mom needs a picture of their child crying on Santa's lap for the scrapbook, right?

So instead, I took him over to our city's recreation center and paid $5 for pictures with Santa. We stood in a line that was about 5 kids deep and waited our turn patiently.
Every kid in front of us started to cry as they were seated on Santa's lap. I started to get visions of "The Christmas Story" Santa when Ralphie's brother Randy starts to cry.

Let's just say my expectations were low as I walked JD over to Santa. JD gave Santa a five and said "ho ho ho," in case Santa forgot that this is what he is supposed to say. Then I put him on Santa's lap and waited.
JD kept smiling at Santa but then would get super serious for the camera. But no screams or cries whatsoever! I didn't get any great shots, but at least it was a pleasant experience!

I thought this one was sweet as Santa is asking JD what he wants for Christmas.

A couple of my Baby Boot Camp classmates were there with their kids and I can't say they had the same experience! Their kids seemed genuinely terrified of good ole Santa Claus.

Maybe next year I'll get a smile.


Kaitlin said...

I went to see Santa at the Sachse fire station and neither of the boys (2.5 yr and 11 months) I was with cried. Amazing. They even got a great family picture and pancakes!

Katie said...

Great job JD!! We are taking Cole this Saturday to meet old Saint Nick! I'm sure there will be a few tears involved!

Heather said...

Glad it went okay! Cute pics!