Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Two Sick Boys

I took my guys into the doctor today because they were both feeling bad. Apparently the doctor agreed - Jon has bronchitis and JD has an almost double ear infection (one is totally infected and the other is on its way) and a respiratory infection of some variety.

I have a little bit of the crud too, but nothing like my two boys. Usually I am not a big fan of antibiotics and taking tons of medicine, but this time I am all for it so they will get healthy before Christmas!!

The doctor mentioned that most grown men would have come in to the office on their knees from the pain that this ear infection was probably causing JD. So it is a true testimony to my son's pain tolerance and bravery that he was only mildly fussy (and falling down quite a bit from balance issues).

I have been giving in to JD's requests to watch Polar Express the past couple of days, since he has been feeling so poorly. Here he is in his conductor hat and t-shirt with his train whistle and choo-choo while watching Polar Express.

I love my boys and hope they are feeling better soon!!


Lindsay said...

Get better soon Jon and JD. So sorry you are having to go through this, but you are right Mandy, to be happy it is before Christmas.

Lynn Leaming said...

took me two weeks to get over my bronchitis, hopefully your boys will get well much quicker and you can avoid getting any worse.

Dara said...

Are we lucky to live in an age with all sorts of medicines that can help kill germs and get better quickly? Hopefully, your boys will feel better soon!!! Hang in there!