Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! Including the Blooper Footage!

In hopes of getting the perfect Christmas picture of JD, we spent most of this morning taking pictures. When they get to be around 20 months old, they don't want to sit still...EVER.

We tried his favorite Christmas toy - Santa - to try and keep at least near the tree.

Not bad, but not looking at the camera!!

We tried the firetruck (most of our pictures involve the firetruck).

JD kept looking for the escape route.

We tried a present.

JD just wanted to open it. I can't blame him for that one.

We tried reason and logic.

Ha ha! With a 20 month old?? What a joke!

We tried bribery with gummy Lifesavers candies.

Hmm...can't get a smile with a mouth full of gummies.

And we finally ended with me holding the laptop over Jon's head as it was playing "Hot Hot Hot Chocolate" from the Polar Express movie.

Success!! And it only took us 180 pictures to get the shot! Thank goodness we don't have to do this for another year!!


juliet said...
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Lindsay said...

Very funny. Our poor parents had to use film and could not take so many shots to get the perfect shot. I am so thankful for digital cameras!! JD did take the perfect picture. Maybe if I had the patience to do 180 pics I could have had the same success. :)