Friday, December 5, 2008

Wedding Whirlwind

On Thanksgiving, we packed up my mom's car and took a road trip to Indianapolis, Indiana for my cousin Nick's wedding.

Note: My sister took more pictures (as usual) so I will add them later once she sends them out.

We crammed 3 adults - me, my mom and my sister and 2 toddlers - Ellie Beth and JD into my mom's Acura MDX (a fairly small SUV). Poor Ellie Beth had her feet in the air for most of the trip because she didn't have any leg room in the 3rd row seating.

It takes about 15 hours to get to Indiana, so we left on Thursday evening to get 4-5 hours under our belt. We arrived in Little Rock at around midnight and the kids were all pretty tired (and so were we). We squeezed into one hotel room and slept until about 6:45 am (overslept past the alarm - whoops).

After a rushed day trip with lots of DVDs for the kids, we made it to Indianapolis just in time to go to the rehearsal dinner and visit with everyone.

The next day we had fun visiting with my Uncle Daron and Robin and my cousin Todd and Kandi and their boys. JD roamed around the house looking for cars and sure enough, Daron whipped out a few matchbox collectibles. JD was in heaven (until we made him leave them behind for lunch).
We even got the kids down for a nap before the wedding (one of the few that JD actually took).
The wedding was in the afternoon in a beautiful church. JD had a little trouble staying quiet and felt the need to announce "CAR" to everyone in the church at one point in the ceremony. But we crammed chewy life savers in his mouth and Robin made little toys for him along the way until it was over.

Nick's wife Paula was beautiful and they both looked very happy! We are so excited for them and wish them all the happiness in the world!

At the reception, the kids got into the whole dancing thing and we stayed until the kids could barely hold their heads up. JD kept me going most of the night because he wanted to go explore every part of the building. It's been awhile since I had to run around in heels!!

The next day we left to visit my mom's cousin Pamela, Larry, Sarah and Sally in Portand. We got a special treat when we arrived and went to Philip and Amy's dairy farm to see all the cows. JD and Ellie were so excited about the Moo Cows.

We were all pretty tired as we made our way home and it didn't help that it was snowy and slushy for most of the trip through Indiana. JD discovered Polar Express (thanks Dara and Ellie) and is still so excited about the choo choo train.

The kids really did pretty well considering the sleep deprivation that was forced on them and we enjoyed the opportunity to introduce them and visit with our Indiana relatives.


Heather said...

What a trip! Glad you guys had fun.