Sunday, May 4, 2008

Very Long Time

I guess it is all relative, but it seems like there have been a lot of things that I haven't done since before I was pregnant with JD.

- A really good night sleep without waking up
- A relaxing vacation
- Shopping just for me for no reason
- Laying out by a pool
- Watching a movie without interruption

Now that I look at the list, it looks pretty selfish! But I think it is easy to forget about "me time" when you have a baby.

Jon and I had the opportunity to watch a movie last night at home. JD crashed hard at 7:00 and there were no Stars games on, so we had ourselves a regular date night. We picked up some brie and a baguette and a decent (cheap) bottle of wine and found a movie that we had heard about on pay-per-view.

It was so nice to be able to watch a movie together and just enjoy relaxing for a change. The movie was pretty depressing (Atonement), but at least we enjoyed getting lost in the story for a bit.

AND - the best part is that JD slept in this morning until 7:45!! Icing on the cake!!


Heather said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed your evening!

Daniel and I watched Atonement the other day...I was very surprised at the movie...not at all what I was expecting. I agree that it was a little depressing!