Wednesday, May 14, 2008


No, the title does not represent the number of times JD has spit up on me or the number of times that I have cleaned up a blowout (although the numbers are frighteningly similar).

This is my 100th post about my life as a new mom! It is amazing how quick the time has gone by. JD is a full-fledged toddler now, walking/running around and saying words and eating big people food (he had his first bean and cheese quesadilla last night, don't even talk to me about how gross that diaper was).

Life is still full of incredible discoveries, both for JD and me. I recently discovered that if you let a child drool, open-mouthed on your knee, eventually he will try to bite it too. JD discovered that if you bite mommy's knee, you might get an loud reaction and a discussion about biting.

This morning, he discovered rain. He ran to the window and pointed up as the raindrops were hitting the window. He looked back at me as if to say, "Mom, somebody's splashing water on the window! Can I help?"

I love to see his big, curious eyes and his little pointer finger, pointing out every new and wondrous thing that he comes across. He absolutely loves the mother's day card that he got for me. It has a picture of him on the cover and when you open it, there is a recording of JD saying "Mama" and then a song plays. He points to this over and over again to get me to open it so he can listen.

It is amazing to see life through your child's eyes. Happy 100th Post!!


Lynn Leaming said...

And we are enjoying reading your experiences as a mom with JD. Keep on posting!

Katie said...

aww Happy 100th post!