Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Remembering the Fun

We had a great Memorial Day weekend as a family!

On Saturday, we went out to the "compound" to visit with Jon's sister and her husband who were in town. JD had tons of fun and just a minor accident. Where is the video camera when you need it? JD tripped over the very dirty large dog (Cookie) and fell flat over the dog's back. The dog was so scared that he jumped up, taking JD with him and flipped JD over on to ground, where he landed on his back. JD was a bit shook up, but no major injuries. But we all decided that if we had been video taping it, we probably would have won on America's Funniest Videos.

On Sunday, we met up with Dara and the girls at their community swimming pool for JD's very first time in a pool! We got him all decked out in sunhats, sun shirts, swim trunks and swim shoes so that he could play in the pool. He really enjoyed it! We went back to Dara and Josh's for a cookout, where we had a smorgasbord of different foods - bratwursts, salmon, pork chops and corn on the cob.

On Monday morning, JD and I went to Baby Boot Camp where got a personal training session with Tricia, our instructor! I guess everyone else needed some R&R on Monday morning. It was a good workout though and helped me to justify all of the yummy food that we had over the weekend.
In the afternoon, we went over to our friends Jordan and Emily's house for another cookout. Jordan cooked over a cast iron pot and grate. We had chicken and lamb. It was all pretty tasty. And JD had a pretty good time visiting! Emma and Ellie came too which is always fun for JD.