Thursday, May 29, 2008

100 Calories Never Tasted So Sweet

I am on a bathing suit diet before our summer trips begin in July. Being on any diet is not very much fun, even if you are starting to see results after just 2 weeks (6 1/2 pounds and counting - woo hoo).

Jon is being a great support for me and actually going on the diet with me to help me stay honest. And it is much easier to be on a diet when your spouse is doing it with you. We are both pretty strict about it, especially during the week. And we are both a little grouchy and tired from the whole thing.

But since the new diet, I've discovered the world of 100 calorie treats. Don't get me wrong - I have been a big fan of these for a few years now, but it seems like they have so many more now!

I get to indulge in ONE 100 calorie snack a day and it is really hard to pick which one. There are popcorn 100 cal packs (love these because they are filling and a lot of it). There are 100 calorie Wheat Thins (tastes almost like the real thing),

100 calorie Cheetos (these really do taste like the real thing- like the cheese puffs you buy in a can),

100 calorie graham crackers (JD likes these too),

100 calorie Teddy Grahams (ditto for JD on these) and my newly discovered favorite 100 calorie choco animal crackers (SOOO good for the chocolate fix).

You just have to be careful because when you finish eating one package, it never feels like enough!! I always want more!


Stephanie said...

I love these packs! I have about 4 boxes of them in my pantry right now! They all taste just as good as the real thing, and Caleb loves them for snack too! But you're right, they always leave me wanting more!

Katie said...

Those are the best! Cole and I just started back to the gym last week and man am I sore! Best of luck with the whole diet thing...I'm right there with you! Gotta be bathing suit ready by the end of June!!

Heather said...

Being in the post-pregnancy diet, those have been a lifesaver!

I also like the "candy" ones because I feel like I am cheating!

Dara said...

Go Mandy! Go Mandy! That's awesome!!!