Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kitchen Questions

Three electric appliances I couldn't give up:
1. Microwave, microwave, microwave - How could I eat my Lean Cuisines without it??
2. Toaster Oven - LOVE this little handy dandy contraption. I don't have to heat up the whole oven to heat up a baguette or crisp up some leftover fries!
3. Panini Maker - Rapidly becoming one of my favorite appliances. A boring turkey sandwich becomes fancy restaurant food after some panini machine time.

Three of my favorite gadgets:
1. Pampered Chef Mini-Spatulas - these are so handy for brownies or small items.
2. Salad Spinner - I can turn a head of romaine into a clean, delicious salad in no time! And now they have mini-salad spinners. This would be great for individual salads - need to get me one of those!
3. Pampered Chef Salad Dressing Mixer - it has its own whisk inside and measurements on the outside, plus dressing recipes right on the side!

Three favorite cookbooks:
1. The old Betty Crocker cookbook with all of the fattening yummy meals from the '60s. You can make REAL meatballs out of this sucker. My mom used to have this one and I found one for my sister a while back, but I still need to get me one!
2. Cooking Light cookbook - there are some really delicious meals in this one. You would never know that it was healthy.
3a. Southern Living annual cookbooks - I get so many good recipes out of these. My first one is from 1999. I have yet to make something out of these books that hasn't turned out pretty great.
3b. Southern Living Easy Weeknight Meals - Again Southern Living hasn't disappointed me with this book. EASY, fast meals (not necessarily healthy) that taste great.