Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ring Around the Rosy

It is fascinating to see what JD will take an interest in next. I love to see him so occupied as he analyzes a toy and tries it out in every possible way.

His current favorite toy is his ring set. He has figured out how they stack and can stack them correctly in order, but he doesn't stop there. He throws them all around the room and then goes to collect them one by one and place them on the stacker. He also places them (sometimes in order) on his arm. He also slides the rings under pieces of furniture so that he can retrieve them and then place them on the stacker. JD will also throw them in "jail," what we call the fireplace seat that blocks him from getting to the fireplace, and then reach in to pull them out and place them on the stacker.

The other night, JD played with his ring stacker for more than an hour! He never got bored with it. I am amazed by how much he has figured out to do with just one little toy!

Here is a cute pic of him after his time with the rings...taking a break in front of his elephant chair and "jail."