Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Out and About in December

We've had lots of fun this December! JD is at an age now where he gets so excited about Christmas, so taking him to different activities about the holidays is pretty fun.

A couple of weeks ago, we went with our friends Margaret and Ayden to see the Gaylord ICE exhibit, where they were featuring A Charlie Brown Christmas. Since JD has seen this special on tv for the past few years, I thought he would enjoy it.

And he did...

But it was pretty cold too!
This month, I also realized that our newly-turned 1 year old had never visited Daddy at the Fire Station, so we quickly remedied this!

Boys and girls really are different because from JD's first trip to the Fire Station, he loved sitting in all of the trucks and vehicles and still does! But Meg was not excited about it at all!

JD found out that Uncle Nathan works there now, which was quite a surprise for him this time!

We will just need to bring Meg up to visit her Daddy more often!

We also got inspired by our friend Rachel Cooke's adventures and took JD to see the Northpark trains. We went right when it opened and met my mom up there. No lines or anything, but it got pretty crowded in the exhibit once we got in there.

JD and Meg both really liked the trains. Meg was just mesmerized by the trains moving around the towns and especially around the big Christmas tree.

JD took a little time to get warmed up, but once he figured it all out, he was in heaven! JD just loved all the trains equally well. He had fun pointing out Polar Express and Thomas. JD was very sad when it was time to leave.

We made it up to him by taking him to Build a Bear and making a Rudolph, since he has just recently started watching that movie (thank you preschool holiday party). Now he is crazy about Rudolph. I even signed him up for a camp yesterday where they learned all about reindeer, with a special emphasis on Rudolph (of course)!

After a lunch at Chick Fil A (Soup Man for me and my mom), we left just as the mall started to get pretty crowded. Great way to spend a morning!!
I love spending the holidays with my kiddos!!


Heather said...

What fun! Someday we will have to make the trek to North Park. And I just realized that Dane has never visited Daniel at the station and felt bad about it until I also realized that Daniel has not been to the station either for the last 3.5 months so I guess that gets me off the hook, right? :)

Rachel said...

So glad your kids enjoyed the trains (and Rudolph)! Ethan cried when we left too!