Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guess Whooo's One??

Over Thanksgiving, we celebrated Meg's first birthday so the whole family could attend. We still have a few more days before her actual birthday, but you would have never known it from the party!

As previously mentioned, I went owl crazy with her birthday party theme. But she only turns one once and it is one of the only times that I get to be in control of the theme!

I had so much fun making all of the cupcake toppers, birthday banner and artwork for the party. I purchased the owl and digital papers from an Etsy artist and then went to town creating! I made luggage tags as party favors using the owl, bought mini crayon fabric roll ups from another Etsy artist and made custom stickers to put on mini notepads for coloring. Of course, I found regular owl stickers to include into the favors as well. Yes, I am a bit of obsessive when it comes to themes.

I gave a copy of her invitation to Market Street and they did a great job of creating the owl for her birthday cake. It turned out great! We all wore owl shirts to celebrate, even Jon (who was kind of forced into it).

I think Meg had a pretty good time. She seemed a little overwhelmed at times and totally disinterested in the present unwrapping. But she played with all of her cousins and loved her presents!

She liked the cake part too - especially the birthday song which she looks shocked about below, but started laughing and clapping after the picture was taken.

Jon made a great first year video too for Miss Meg. We are so lucky to have such a talented daddy to make a wonderful keepsake like that for our kids and family.

By the end of the day, she figured out her pointer finger too, so it looks like she is saying "One!" I think she had a great first birthday party! Thank goodness she won't remember a bit of it, so I won't have to replicate all of that effort for every Meg party moving forward!!


Heather said...

We had so much fun at Miss Meg's party! I can't believe that she is already almost one!!

CJOlsen said...

Very cute Mandy! I think the owl thing is cute. ;-) Is that in the spirit of your sorority? Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday (belated) to Meg!