Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trimming the Tree

In years past, Jon and I were totally in charge of the 10 foot artificial tree experience - setting up, fluffing and decorating. This year we decided to get the kids involved.

We started with picking out a LIVE tree! We decided to put the tree in the dining room, so the gate could keep Meg away during the day and our ceilings don't go as high in there. So we went to pick out a real tree with the kids at a lot near our house. Not the tree farm experience exactly, but just as I remember from my childhood!

JD was impressed with it.

Meg thought it was great.

I mean, REALLY great.

After Jon and I hung the colored lights (straying from our white lit artificial tree look), JD hung a star (he insisted this is what needed to go on the top - again straying from our traditional tree look with our big bow topper).

He also helped us with hanging ornaments, which made him feel pretty important.

Overall, I think the tree trimming was a success and way more fun than previous years because of our little helpers!


Abbe said...

what a fun tree, and cute kids. i am still looking for that shirt...