Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Virtual In-Santa-ity

New for 2010 - Virtual Santa Lines!
That's right! With just a little click of a button, you can be waiting in line to see Santa Claus and avoid snaking through the chains like every other schmuck (okay that's exactly what we did last year).

We virtually waited to see Santa for 2 hours while we went to eat dinner and play at a nearby playzone for kids. Awesome!

When we were notified of our 10 minute warning, we stood in a real line and waited in Santa's workshop. As we waited, a little girl in front of us was just crying and crying (in the line). As she got closer to Santa, the tears just intensified. Jon and I both looked at each other smugly and said, "They just need to embrace the fact that their kid is going to cry in the picture. It is just going to be one of those pictures." Both of our kids were making faces and laughing and smiling in the line, so Jon and I felt pretty confident about our Santa approach. JD knew exactly what he was going to ask Santa for and Meg had perfected a new cute "squishy" face that she was going to test on Santa.

They waited patiently as Santa took pictures with someone's two HUGE dogs. (Sorry but Santa dog pictures are a little weird). It took longer than taking one with kids. How do you get 2 DOGS to smile at the camera (and believe me, their owner was trying like crazy)??
We began our descent onto Santa's lap and then it happened...

Meg TOTALLY went berserk and lost it, screaming, crying, trilling. Oh well. All traces of smugness gone, we embraced the screaming picture like every other parent.

JD, on the other hand, had a great time talking to Santa. I was happy to hear him ask for the very item that I stood freezing in line at 2 in the morning on Black Friday to acquire for him. Score one for Mom!


Lindsay said...

Cute pics! Sorry Meg cried - most kids do at 1. Blake would have, but when he saw K comfortable with it last year - he was ok with it. Watch him cry this year. :) We will find out tomorrow.

Heather said...

LOVE the picture! I heard about the virtual line...sounds good to me!!