Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in Colorado

This year, my family decided to celebrate Christmas at our cabin in Colorado. There was a minor time delay (we celebrated on Dec. 27th), but it didn't make it any less jolly!

After a fairly uneventful roadtrip (I have to brag and say that my kids are so good in the car, thanks to technology)...

...we set about decorating the Christmas tree with homemade ornaments and candy on "Christmas Eve" (Dec. 26th).

Then we feasted on a yummy dinner for Christmas!

We also baked cookies for Santa and decorated them. We picked the cream of the crop to set out by the fireplaces.

Then we nestled our kids all snug in their beds (too bad Meg never really got used to her pack n play bed on this trip). And Santa Claus arrived...

The kids checked out Santa's handiwork first thing in the morning.

JD opened up Santa's present for him - the set of Toy Story action figures that he has asked for since July (and that Santa's helper froze standing in line for at 2:30 in the morning on Black Friday).

And he set about playing with them right away- happiest kid you ever saw.

Until Grandma gave him this present...

I guess Big Woody, Buzz and Slinky Dog trump the little guys. He is pretty much in love with these toys.

On the other side of the tree, Meg loved her "Black Friday" present!!

JD also got a big present from Santa Claus, one that he didn't even ask for! A child-sized ATV! It is actually a present for the Colorado Cabin because we aren't bringing it back home.

Santa Claus (with Dara's help) brought all the kids pillow pets too. SC gave me a heads up so I picked out matching pajamas for each kid to go with their pillow pets. It made for a cute pic the next day!

Celebrating Christmas in Colorado was just amazing and brought a whole new experience to Christmas morning. I loved seeing all the cousins stumble into the living room at the same time and discover what Santa brought. We haven't ever experienced this before with all the kids, so I will treasure this memory!


Heather said...

Looks like fun!

Lindsay said...

What an amazing Christmas! Wow - JD got loaded up with Toy Story. :) Blake needs to come over and play.