Monday, January 10, 2011

Colorado Adventures

While we were in Colorado, we tried to get out as much as possible with the kids for some fun activities!

Since we didn't have much snow at the cabin, we took everyone to Sled Hill in Breckenridge to play in the snow.

Meg wasn't too sure about the snow at all, and it didn't help that I bundled her up within an inch of her life. She couldn't move around too much, so she hitched a ride to the hill.

She enjoyed watching everyone come down the hill too. Maybe next time, Meg can ride down the hill in the sled!

Months ago, we booked a train ride in the Royal Gorge, called the North Pole Express. For all intensive purposes, we called it the Polar Express, so as not to confuse the kids.

They did a great job on the train, complete with hot chocolate, singing elves and Santa Claus! All the kids really enjoyed it.

And of course, we had a ski day! We took JD in for his very first lesson, which I think he really enjoyed! Meg stayed home with Grandma, so Jon and I could ski on our own for the first time in almost 2 years.

We were able to watch JD skiing in the afternoon during his lesson. He did pretty well, although he had a weird obsession with reaching down to scoop up snow and eat it. I was impressed with how well he paid attention to the instructor though and followed directions.

When we picked him up, he started crying though and said his hands were cold. Even then, he still said he liked skiing and wanted to do it again. Whew! This boy has a bunch more ski vacations coming up in his future, so it is a good thing he likes it!