Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Stuck

So I was downstairs at our cabin in Colorado on our first day, pulling off furniture covers and getting things ready for us to all be there. My son decides to explore a bit and check out the upstairs loft.

I hear him yell "STUCK!"

So I ask him, "Are you stuck?" (Thinking maybe the big log stairs were scary to come down or something.)

He says, "NO!! There is a STUCK!"

I'm getting pretty curious at this point, so I stand at the foot of the stairs and ask, "Do you mean a mouse?" (Sometimes we have dead mice around the cabin during the winter)

He comes to the top of the stairs and puts his hands up like claws and bares his teeth and says, "NO! There is a STUCK! He is going to get me!"

Now he is starting to freak out a bit and I can tell he is pretty scared of whatever a Stuck is. But it is hard to tell because JD likes to pretend he is scared of imaginary objects to try and scare you.

So I head upstairs and JD says, "The stuck is under the table."

And lo and behold, there is a tiny dead chipmunk under the coffee table. It must have been trapped over the summer when we had some work done. Poor guy.

I point out to JD that he is a little chipmunk that needs to go back outside. JD said, "No, he is a stuck." Then he proceeds to hold his nose.

Ahh...I believe my kiddo meant a SKUNK.