Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spoon Adventures

We are still bravely battling the adventures in eating with a spoon. JD is very enthusiastic about doing it, but still lacks the patience to accomplish the task.

We have been practicing with empty bowls and spoons and he looks like a champ then.

But then we add some food and he ends up wearing more of it than he gets in his mouth!

At least he is enjoying the meal! Nothing like Mommy's Spanish Rice to hit the spot (or spots as the case may be)!


Lindsay said...

Yes, you will just have to get used to a mess for awhile. May I put a plug in for a dog - they are great at helping you sweep. :)

Dara said...

Yes, during the food training period of life, dogs are extremely helpful! You are more than welcome to borrow DJ anytime! hee-hee! Ellie Beth still has a few spoon issues ... so it could be a while! From the pictures, JD is looking good with the spoon!!! Go JD!