Friday, September 12, 2008

Quirky or Just Weird?

Since Becky posted her quirks, I decided to put some of mine up. You can decide if it is just cute and quirky or just plain weird.

1. I have an irrational fear of big bodies of water. I HATE to drive over those big, long bridges and have this fear of going right over the edge into the water. Swimming in the ocean or lake freaks me out because who knows what's in there with me. I haven't ever been close to drowning or had a shark bite or anything, so who knows what has instilled this in my head.

2. I like to sort through my french fries and potato chips and popcorn for just the right one. I'm not really sure what I am looking for, but there seems to be a definite order for how I eat them. They all end up being eaten, so I can't tell you why I have to dig through them before I find the next one to eat.

3. It isn't enough to just kill an insect in our house. It MUST also be flushed down the toilet. I am sure that they will come back to life, even if they have been squished beyond recognition. So I make sure that they are given a watery grave, just in case. Sending it outside isn't even an option because I know it will just come right back into my comfortable, warm home and probably bring its friends.

4. I'm still scared of open doors at night. Every night, we go through a ritual of shutting all of the closets and doors and making sure all the doors are locked. Watching Poltergeist in the 3rd grade really did a number on me. And now our tv armoire needs to be closed so I can't see the screen. (Thanks a lot to the creators of the movie The Ring).

5. When I read a book, I skim through a lot of the descriptive stuff the first time I read it so I can just get through the plot. I can't stand the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen. Then I read it again, so I can enjoy the author's use of description to enhance the story.

6. Before I leave the house, I always look down at my shoes. One time I went to work with one brown boot and one black boot on (I got dressed in my dark closet). So now I always look down to make sure that the shoes and socks match.

Whew - that was almost like a therapy session for free! You can feel liberated too if you want to comment here on your quirks or post them in your own blog!


Rachel said...

I also do the same thing as you in #2 and #3!

Becky said...

i also hate driving over large bodies of water. i just KNOW my car will swerve off into it. I get very tense and start planning what i will do to get all the children out of their car seats and to the surface if we go into the water. i hate the feeling, and the relief once we are past the water is enormous.

Lindsay said...

I totally relate to the large bodies of water. I am scared of driving over and flying over large bodies of water. I just know we are going to get into a plane crash and survive in the middle of the ocean - only to drown or get eaten by a shark. How is that for quirky or weird. :)

Dara said...

All seems normal to me!

Krystal said...

I'm so glad someone else does the french fry picking thing. I think I take it a step further. I won't eat french fries if they have dark spots on them. I literally pick through my fries and make Tim eat the "bad" ones.