Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Not One of Those, Am I?

Before I had a baby, I never really gave much thought to whether I would be a "schedule mommy" or a "go-with-the flow mommy."

When I was nursing JD, I spent the first couple of months alternating between feeding JD, changing JD, smiling at JD (and kissing his sweet little toes and fingers) and putting JD down for sleep. It was all about whatever JD wanted in his own sweet time. I rarely got out of my pjs during the day and I made my poor husband stop by the grocery for me on his way home.

Then I guess the light switched on for me. If I was EVER going to get out of my house again or take a leisurely shower or have a meaningful conversation with my husband, I needed some level of predictability with this whole mommy business. I needed to know when JD was going to eat/sleep/poop again, so I could plan a quick errand or two.

And so it began. At the recommendation of our pediatrician, I got JD to eat every four hours for 20 minutes at a feeding (before he would take FOREVER to nurse). He got good and hungry and ate fast because of it! Hooray! This opened all sorts of doors (smooth traveling with JD - in the car and on airplanes, getting my hair done, going on dates with my husband again).

Then we worked on his sleeping habits. We started playing with JD after a feeding and keeping him awake as much as possible. Then he got tired from exertion, as opposed to falling asleep after eating. He slept longer stretches and would sleep in the stroller or infant carrier because of it! He slept in his crib at night and the time he stayed asleep kept getting longer - 5 hours, 7 hours, 9 hours and then finally 12 hours! Hooray again!

We never mastered any predictability around pooping, but I got pretty crafty with changing diapers and pooped-out clothing on the road. Anyone remember my movie experience with JD last fall???

I even started working out with JD at around 5-6 months since things became so smooth. We were able to join Baby Boot Camp and finally drop those 5 nagging pounds of baby weight last year!

So what it comes down to a year and a half into mommyhood is that we have a routine, somewhat flexible, but it doesn't change much. Okay, call it a SCHEDULE if you want...

I may as well step forward and announce that YES - I am a SCHEDULE MOMMY and I am PROUD of it!


Heather said...

Me too!

It is just soooo much easier when I have an idea of when and what Kenna is going to need next.

I also started Miss K on a "routine" while I was nursing and it just went from there.

Works for us!

Suzanne Boyd said...

I love your post! I've been working on stretching out the time between feedings to 3 1/2-4 hours this week so your post is timely.

I'm finding that using the baby bjorn helps keep Luke happy and engaged between meals and I can get things done. In fact, we just got home from a morning walk - he enjoys watching the birds and Hercules and i get exercise.

Have a good week!

Dara said...

Schedules can definitely be handy if you are good at sticking to them! Good for you for having a plan and sticking to it!!!

I was much better with Emma when she was an infant until maybe 2 or so... then it all went out the window! Poor second kiddo has to just go with the flow! Oh well!

Lindsay said...

Yes, the first one was easier to establish a schedule with. Number 2 is usually more laid back b/c they do have to go with the flow a little more. Blake has a schedule just not near as rigid or defined as Kimbo's ever was. Plus he goes to CARE 2 days a week. But he does not seem to mind - he loves every minute of it.