Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Warriors

That's what I feel like!

It all started on Friday. I was scheduled to work Care Corps, our serving ministry at church, in the afternoon and my mom couldn't babysit. So I planned ahead and tried to get JD down for an early nap (ha ha - silly mom - there is no such thing). He didn't fall asleep until 45 minutes before we were about to leave, so that is the only nap he got on Friday (his normal being anywhere from 2 to 3 1/2 hours).

He actually did pretty decent at Care Corps and played with Davis Dowdey, a 3 year old friend from church. He got to bed at a good hour and slept in until 8:15 on Saturday morning!

On Saturday, we took a roadtrip to Arkansas to meet our new nephew, Jackson Ware! Dan, Heather and Kenna joined us, and we had a pretty easy ride up. Kenna took some naps and played, while JD refused anything to do with napping and played the whole time.

I started to get a bit worried once we arrived in Arkansas, since JD hadn't had a nap, but he did pretty well.

We enjoyed meeting Jackson, who is a sweetheart! He snuggled the whole time we were there. Sarah and Joel appeared to be doing well, considering their first week with a newborn.
Gerry and Ouida had a grandkids picture moment. All of the parents were doing their best to try and get the kids' attention. I was just trying to keep JD from running away!

Then we went to visit Mamaw, who lives in a retirement home. JD made a good first impression, by showing Mamaw all of the cool things that her walker could do.

Afterwards, we went to Aunt Barbara and Uncle David's house for a cookout and we had ourselves a regular playschool of kids! Jennifer was so sweet and brought some trains for JD to play with, which kept him occupied and distracted the whole evening. I think he even forgot that he was tired!

We put him to bed around 8 in the hotel and he passed right out. He woke up around 1:00 am, a little scared and disoriented, but went right back to sleep with a little patting.
But by Sunday, all of the lack of sleep started to take its toll. JD was pretty grouchy most of the morning and fussed and yelled for the first half of the car trip. By the time he got back in after lunch, he was actually a little pale from being so tired and passed out for most of the last half. Yay!

We took him to the chili cookoff at church to see the firetruck (his favorite thing ever), which he enjoyed, but it didn't last for long. He proceeded to meltdown after about an hour and that was the end of the weekend for us. He went to bed at 7 and that was that!

I decided it is pretty scary what lack of sleep will do to JD. So I don't think we will be skipping any naps in the near future.