Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free-flowing Into Fall

We've been dealing with some runny noses here in our household lately. I have really terrible fall allergies, so I have been itching and sneezing and wheezing and red-eyed for a week or so.

About the same time my allergies started, JD caught his first cold of the season and had some pretty rough days and nights over the weekend. He had a mild fever that made him pretty uncomfortable, and he had a yucky nose and a cough that kept him (and us) up at night.

But I think we are on the tail end of his sickness (I wish I could say the same for my allergies - pray with me for an early first freeze to kill off the ragweed). So for the first day in awhile, he actually felt like having some fun.

He enjoys sitting in Daddy's chair in the office (as he calls it the "shair") and playing with his cars, while mommy tends to important computer matters, like looking at pictures of JD's cousins.

Whenever the phone rings, he points to the phone and says Dada. He doesn't understand that Dada is not actually in the phone or that the phone is not called Dada.

We had some fun outside - JD calls it "side." We stayed as long as I could deal with my itching eyes and sneezing attacks.

He has figured out the important, not-so-obvious features of his playset - how to stand in the swing (and give me a heart attack) and how to climb up the slide.

But he still loves the old classic - sliding down the "sly."


Heather said...

Looks like he was having fun!! I am sure he will soon have ALL of the obvious and not-so-obvious features figured out to teach his younger cousins!

Suzanne Boyd said...

Glad to hear that JD is feeling better! Cute pics!