Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Funny Valentines

I could NOT get a good picture of my two cuties this Valentine's Day.  But it was sure funny trying!

This is our normal picture behavior (yes, it is a terrible photo, but I had to show how my kids react to sitting together!).  Meg just does not want JD touching her at all!

Meg was fairly sober on Valentine's Day in general...not many smiles from my sweetie.

This is the best picture I have and they are both watching The Wiggles.

JD is looking pretty cute in this one. Love my stinker!

This was the only smile I got all morning and it is because she is stealing JD's toy away!

Again...JD's toys are pretty fun!
And a change of venue does nothing to help us out!  JD decides to scare and Meg is looking for an escape route.  Oh well!  We had a happy valentine's day anyway!!


Dara said...

Hilarious! Love those kids!