Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ole Faithful

Well, I never thought it would happen.  I prayed that this day would come for a long time.  Now that it has, I'm feeling surprisingly nostalgic! 

We are finally getting a new couch.  For those of you that know, I am actually repulsed by our current couch.  It wasn't always this way.

I bought my couch back in 2000, when I moved into my very own apartment for the first time.  I had lived in apartments during college, using old family couches, and moved in with a roommate when I moved back to Dallas, using her couch.  So it was exciting to pick out my very own couch!

At the time, a beautiful, overstuffed leather couch seemed like the way to go.  Leather only gets better with age, right?  It made a smooth transition into my very first house that I purchased in 2001.

When I first met Jon, my couch was actually a selling point in our relationship.  He would come over on Sunday afternoons with the excuse of spending time with me, but really, he just wanted to take a nap on my couch.  I have great memories of all the long and meaningful conversations we had on the couch on the road to marriage.

Then we built and moved into our current house.  The couch had a rather bumpy transition at this point.  It got pretty scratched in the move(s) (we temporarily lived in an apartment while the house was finished).  And it didn't fit very well in the living room.  Our new living room was really wide, but not very deep.  Not the best set up for a very deep, overstuffed couch.

But the couch was a very low priority compared to all of the other home improvements that we wanted to make.  So we made it work.

Then along came JD...and all of his baby bodily fluids (he was an incredible spitter)...that seemed to land directly on the couch every time.  If you know anything about "bomber" leather, fluids/stain soak right in, with no chance to save it. 

Then it was a waiting game, since we knew we were onto baby #2 shortly.  So Meg came along and sure enough, she was a champion spitter too.  And in the meantime, my busy boy figured out how to jump, crawl and scratch up the poor couch even more. 

So I have been ready to ditch the couch for at least 4 years!  But this old couch has served us faithfully, giving us a place to rest our weary bones, snuggle with the family and create lots of memories.

It's been swell, you old couch!  Thanks for the memories!


Dara said...

Can't wait to see the new couch! Fun to see a picture when Ellie B was bigger than JD! Just for a minute or two!