Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hockey Wife

For Jon's birthday, we celebrated the best way we could for cheering him on at his debut hockey game!

He has been practicing for about a year for the annual Fire vs Police hockey game, ever since he found out about it! 

Jon has gone from barely being able to stand up on ice skates to actually skating for an hour and a half game, while defending the puck and trying to get it into the goal!  I am pretty impressed!

His brother Nathan skated along side him and did pretty decent too!

The Boyd and Aldrich families came out to support the game.  I must say that we dominated the cheering section!
Do you see Jon's biggest fans behind the glass??

The game was extremely competitive and actually came down to a shoot out between the teams after regulation time was completed.  But the Firefighters won it!

Jon couldn't have asked for a better birthday present...although he really wanted to shoot a goal.   Maybe next year!

** - these pictures are actually courtesy of the Dallas Stars official photographer!  Can you believe he came to take pictures of the game?? 


Brooke said...

So cool! I was wondering how you got a picture of yourself.

Lindsay said...

I almost wrote the exact same thing Brooke just wrote. Ha Ha. WAY COOL!

Heather said...

I love the picture of the 3 of you....sooo fun!