Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Sauce in the Potty

The other day I wanted to post on my blog about a certain exciting event in our little family's life, so I left JD happily playing cars and watching Wiggles in the living room, while I spent 5-10 minutes updating the blog.

Mommy Mistake Sidenote Comment - NEVER leave your 2 year old unsupervised for any amount of time, no matter how trustworthy he seems to be.

So I returned to the living room and found my son playing with his cars and watching Wiggles. But I noticed that some McDonald's garbage from lunch was rifled through a bit. Hmm...I cleaned it up and didn't really think much else of it.

Then, as most pregnant women are likely to do a million times in a day, I went to the restroom, but much to my surprise, here is what I found:

Imagine my shock and terror as visions of my child bleeding or throwing up blood or other such horrible scenarios start to run through my head. So I ran out to inspect my child, who didn't so much as have an old scab on him. Hmm...interesting.

So I went back into the bathroom to inspect a little closer and found the culprit. My child had decided to put the leftover chicken nuggets cardboard box (with ketchup still loose inside the lid from previous dipping) into the toilet.

Then he must have decided that he might get into trouble for this and fished it back out of the toilet, flinging ketchup all over the toilet and walls. As I was playing Junior Mom Detective and compiling the evidence, my son strolls into the bathroom and says, "No sauce in the potty."

I guess it is a good thing that my son doesn't know about his Miranda rights because he pretty much just laid out the crime for me and admitted his guilt. So I said to him, "That's right. We do NOT put anything in the potty. No playing with the potty."

He got a scrubbing down and got to sit in time out to think about his crime. When his daddy got home, I told JD to tell his dad what he did. So JD repeats, "No sauce in the potty."

I am pretty worried that JD didn't learn the valuable lesson that I had hoped and that he only thinks that items with ketchup are the only things that don't go in the potty. I guess time will only tell!