Sunday, June 14, 2009

JD's Going to Be a Big Brother!

That's right! We are expecting a new baby in our family in just a few short months! Right now, the baby is affectionately known as L.P. or Lil' Peanut. I think he or she is already pretty cute!

If you ask JD what he wants for Christmas this year, he will tell you - "BABY!" He's even started saying "Baby Boy." (Hmm...I wonder who taught him that??) You can't ask for a better Christmas present than that - a little brother or sister!

We are due on December 28th and will be thrilled with whichever God blesses us with - boy or girl. (For those curious - we will be finding out which blessing we will receive toward the end of July)

I've enjoyed experiencing a very different pregnancy than my first so far with a lot less exhaustion, but a little more nausea! I'm still very lucky though because my symptoms haven't been too bad at all.

I've also enjoyed working out more during this pregnancy and have been continuing my morning Baby Boot Camp class, even with my morning sickness! We have quite a few preggo moms in class these days (including our instructor), so I'm not alone in my misery!

Please send some prayers our way as Lil' Peanut continues to grow and develop!


Heather said...

I love the baby boy comment! JD will make a great big brother!!

Dara said...

Hooray!!! Now, the whole world will know!!! I can't wait too meet LP, boy or girl... we don't care!!! JD will love being a big brother!

Rachel said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting!