Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sick Days

It has been a long time since we last posted any news! JD came down with a terrible cold last week and then I caught it. Plus, our computer stopped working in the middle of all of that too!

So now the computer is semi-functional again and so are JD and I!

JD came down with a cold on Tuesday and he seemed to be handling it pretty well - a little fussy, but overall, okay. But Thursday evening, he started having trouble breathing and we took him into the hospital. Thank goodness our doctor was still in! They gave him a breathing treatment and gave him some antibiotics, steroids (not the "we want to pump you up" kind) and some albuterol (breathing liquid treatment). Poor guy also had a double ear infection!

I felt like a terrible mother because I had JD out playing in the backyard on Thursday and he was happy as a clam! It is so hard to tell that JD is really sick because he is so happy-go-lucky all the time.

Here is a pictorial synopsis of our life last week. Keep in mind that as JD started to feel better, I started to feel a lot worse!

Day #1 (Friday) of JD feeling really terrible. Lots of cuddle time on the couch watching Super Why and The Wiggles.

Day #2 - Starting to feel a little better, but kept pooping out on the floor with blanket and bear.

Day#2 also: Spent lots of indoor time coloring and playing with Play Doh because mommy was feeling lousy.

Day #3 - JD is feeling like a champ, but mommy is having a rough day.

We survived another illness, but it seems like we just can't get ahead this winter! Too much hot and cold temperatures to get completely better.


Lindsay said...

Poor baby and Mama. Glad you are getting this out of the way before Colorado. Keep resting.