Monday, March 2, 2009

The Chocolate Bunny

The grocery stores have officially dumped all of their Valentine's merchandise and switched over to Easter stuff. (St. Patty's day always gets a pretty raw deal at the stores)

I have to say that I look forward to Easter basket goodies more than any other holiday. I have such fond memories of yummy goody baskets that my mom and dad gave to us as kids on Easter Sunday. Jelly beans (black licorice was always my fav), Peeps, Cadbury eggs (I always gave these to my sister because I thought they were gross), M&Ms, those animal crackers that they only sell around Easter (does anyone else remember these? I saw them at Hobby Lobby once, but I digress)...but my all-time favorite Easter candy was the chocolate marshmallow bunny!

It is/was the perfect amount of chocolate and bunny rolled into one. I could eat the whole thing without getting a tummy ache afterwards!

Over the years, Russell Stover has changed his appearance. He used to hold a carrot and have eyes and raised features. Now he is a little plain-jane looking with just the outline of a rabbit.

But no matter. He still tastes the same! I can't wait to get my Russell Stover chocolate marshmallow bunny this year. I might even share the teensiest bit with my son!


Dara said...

Yum! Family fav!!! Can't wait!