Monday, March 23, 2009

Post #200 - And It's a Whopper!

This is my 200th post as a blogger! And we have quite the occasion to celebrate! We just returned from a Spring Break trip to Colorado and have lots of stories to tell.

Here's how it all began:

Early Saturday morning, we got up around 3:30 am to start our road trip. We had everything loaded and ready to go and we went upstairs to get JD (hoping that we could keep him sleepy enough to go back to sleep in the car. Jon and I went upstairs to get him and opened the door and were surprised by a very unpleasant odor.

JD had thrown up all over his bed and himself and had gone back to sleep in it! YUCK!! So we quickly stripped him down (as he is screaming) and stripped the bed (more screaming) and threw him into the bathtub (LOTS of screaming). My mother's instinct is telling me to stay home with JD and watch him for 12-24 hours before leaving for Colorado, just to make sure he doesn't have a stomach bug. But Jon's instinct was to go ahead and go and see what happens.

So after a quick load of laundry and clean up, we pile into the car about an hour later to head off to Colorado. JD was acting pretty well and so after a few hours, I gave him a banana and some pretzels and some water. He seemed like he was starving and gobbled it all down. He was fine for a couple of hours, but then threw up again in the car. Blech. Don't mess with a mother's instinct.

So we roughed it in a stinky car for the next 8 hours and made it into Colorado. For once, no snow issues getting into the cabin! We all arrived and unpacked. Dara, Josh and the girls came and our friends Joe and Becky and their girls came and my mom and Ken came.

We had a pretty good week, considering the rough start! We took the kids to play in the snow one day and go sledding (JD hated the sledding part). The girls went skiing one day, while the daddies babysat. And my mom watched the little kids one day so we could all go skiing. JD loved playing in the "white tow" (white snow) this time!

Dara and I both got a stomach bug while we there. And on Wednesday, when we took the kids into town, Emma threw up in the car and JD had a blow out at a restaurant (both worthy of a clothing change). Pretty rough day for physical ailments.

On our final night at the cabin, we toasted s'mores on the campfire and enjoyed ourselves.

To give ourselves a little reward, we went to the Broadmoor (it's becoming a tradition now) and took JD to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. He loved the giraffes and the elephants. Afterward, we went to the Golden Bee for dinner (also a tradition).

We had a very uneventful ride home (thank goodness) and are starting to settle back in to our routine. Whew. I'm thinking no road trips for a little bit please. :)


Katie said...

happy 200! my next post is 200! Ahhh! What a great and ummm eventful trip! Can't wait to see you and JD soon!

Heather said...

JD looks so big in some of those pictures!! Can't wait to see you guys!