Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Visit with the Easter Bunny

I took JD up to our local recreation center to take his picture with the Easter Bunny yesterday. I had no real expectations since I know that a lot of kids get pretty scared of large stuffed animals that can move and wave hello. He did pretty good with his Santa Claus visit back in December, but that was a whole three months ago and kids change leaps and bounds (sometimes not always for the better!) in that amount of time.

Our rec center was charging $5 to take a picture, get a frame and a cookie, so I figured it wouldn't be a huge loss of money if it didn't work out. When we got there, I let JD warm up to the Easter Bunny and he actually waved (while the other arm was wrapped tightly around my leg). While we were up there, we saw some Baby Boot Camp friends - Jennifer, Bri and Noah and Aunt Cara and Cousin Marin came too!

So we took his picture - no great smiles, but no big screaming either!

He was SOOO excited to see his cousin Marin come up too. We got the Easter Bunny to let us do a freebie shot with our cameras for the cousins.


Heather said...

He looks soooo cute. I love that sweater!