Thursday, March 13, 2008

Starting New Projects

I am so blessed to be married to a do-it-yourself kind of guy. He takes on any project, big or small, and learns as much as he can about it to make it the best result possible. My family was never very good at that. We usually saved up our money and paid someone else to make it the best result possible (after we tried and messed it up).

But my husband lived out in the boonies for most of his life, where it was required to do it on your own or not do it at all. He has done lots of projects for us over the years - a new built-in medicine cabinet, tile backsplash in the kitchen, recessed can lights in the kitchen, cabinets in the garage, painting various rooms, changing our oil in the cars, installing a doorbell, installing surround sound wiring and speakers, etc, etc. Not to mention all of the projects he has done at his brothers' houses and his parents' houses.

So when he mentioned installing a patio, shade structure and outdoor kitchen in our backyard, I wasn't too surprised or worried. He knows what we like and wants it to look awesome also. The trick is that we want to get it done by JD's birthday (April 3) so we can have his family and mine out to celebrate JD's first birthday at our house.

The project has started off slowly. We had to get approval from the city and our homeowners association to even get going. Now Jon has our backyard marked out and we got a big supply of lumber yesterday for the shade structure. I'm starting to get excited as I picture what our new backyard will look like!

We are also fortunate because our neighbor that lives behind our house does landscaping and yard improvements for a living. So he is giving us great advice and help along the way. Guess we will keep our fingers crossed that the weather stays nice and we make some progress!!


Rachel said...

I hope the project goes well - that's a big one! It is nice to be married to a handyman - I've got one of those too!

Dara said...

Very exciting! I know it will look wonderful when complete. We will just have to borrow your handyman! hee-hee!