Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting Closer

We had a special treat at church yesterday. My brother and his wife and their little girl Marin came to church with us! In honor of the occasion, all of the cousins dressed alike. We took their picture after church, which started off rocky. Ellie really didn't want to take a picture at all and Emma had her silly smile on at first.

But we finally got cooperation.

Later that day, there was a shade structure-raising (like a barn raising) which lasted most of the afternoon. But they were successful and it looks great! The patio is going in this weekend!


Dara said...

I am glad we got a couple of cute pics of the kids...sorry about Miss Ellie Beth. She was just not in the mood for pics that day!

Love the shade structure!

Heather said...

The patio is going to look soooo nice!! Glad the guys could help out.

Supermom-In-Training said...

Thanks for lending out your manly men to help us with the shade structure Dara and Heather!! I know that Jon couldn't have done it without them!

Lynn Leaming said...

Cute outfits on the kids!
Wow! The patio is going to be so nice! I have a great deck out back but looks like I need that shade covering! I know ya'll will have many fun times out there!