Sunday, January 22, 2012

It Only Took 10+ Years

When I first met my sweet husband nine years ago, he was taking a few classes here and there toward his bachelor's degree.  Since he went straight into the fire academy and all of his firefighting preparation right out of high school graduation, getting a degree wasn't a priority.

As he started to look toward promotions and getting to the next level in his career, a degree started to become very important.  So we embarked on a journey together (him - attending lots of evening classes, studying, writing papers; me - missing him while he was gone, helping him study and editing his papers) for Jon to complete his BA.

He started at Collin County Community College and transferred into University of Texas of Dallas.  After countless hours and a ton of hard work, Jon graduated Summa Cum Laude on December 17 with a degree in Public Affairs. 

I am so proud of him and his dedication to accomplish this goal.  There were so many times when it seemed easier just to quit and take the easy road, but he stuck it out and not only met his goal, but surpassed it with his high GPA!

Now, he is already enrolled for his Master's degree and starting classes for that this semester.  Thank goodness that one is only a year and a half!  And who knows?  He is talking about his doctorate too...


Dara said...

That is amazing! Way to go!!!

BECKY said...

wow, what an accomplishment! very happy for you both!