Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who Needs Help?

I'm totally loving JD's latest playtime obsession!  Batman!  Let me explain how we got here.

Just to make me eat humble pie from my last entry, JD showed me up and had an absolutely STELLAR week at school.  He actually had 3 days of school this week since we had a snow makeup day on Friday.  And each day, he seemed to be progressively better at school until we hit Friday, where his teacher made a point of saying that it was his best day all year!

And on Friday, JD came out of school talking about Batman and how he needed a cape, Batman gloves, Batman boots and Batman "gobbles."  So I decided it was time for a reward for his wonderful school performance.  I remembered where I had seen a Batman play the place where you would certainly expect to find something like this...Tuesday Morning (yes, I was being sarcastic)!  But there it was, so JD was thrilled!

When we got home, I fashioned a black Batman cape out of an inside-out black t-shirt and Buzz Lightyear costume gloves became Bat Gloves.  Black cowboy boots were a good stand-in for Bat Boots and of course, he had his new cowl mask that just made the whole outfit come together.

 I think it is funny how Meg thinks the whole thing is hilarious...

My sweet superhero!!

Yesterday, we made a Bat Cave out of blankets and tunnel system. 

But today, I stumbled upon a perfect Bat Cave solution at the place where you would certainly expect to find something like this...Walmart (okay, not really as sarcastic here)!  They had tables all lined with clearance items and we found a Toy Story bed tent marked down to $11!  Then when we checked out, it rang up as $3!!  Deal! 

So after setting up the new and improved Bat Cave, the day went a little something like this:

Batman (JD):  Who needs help?  Who needs help?
Me:  I do, I do!
Batman (JD):  Be right there!  (Swooping down the stairs from his Bat Cave).  What do you need?
Me:  I need help putting the silverware in the drawer Batman!
Batman (JD):  I'll help!

We got the entire living room picked up, JD's room cleaned up, dishes unloaded and other assorted tasks all from the help of Batman!

I love this game!


Sarah said...

Hi Mandy!! I absolutely love your blog! You should seriously consider being a writer....I swear you make me laugh so hard. I'm so glad JD is older than Cameron so I can come to you for advice. Cameron turned 2 yesterday and everyone keeps telling me to get ready for the "Terrible 2's" so I might need your help sooner than later ;)

Have a great day! So glad we can keep in touch. I would love to bring Cameron to Texas so he could play with all of his cousins.

Supermom-In-Training said...

Sarah - anytime you want to bring Cameron down for a visit, we would all love it!! And I would be happy to give you whatever lessons I have learned the hard way with raising little boys! So tough, but so rewarding!!

Lindsay said...