Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On the Hunt

Our friend Tricia has hosted an Easter Egg hunt for the past few years and JD was looking forward to it all week last week.

Unfortunately, Meg caught a pretty severe virus that left her with a high fever and a rash.  Poor baby girl.

Thank goodness, the fever subsided on Thursday, so that we were able to get the kids looking cute and at the Easter Egg hunt on Friday!

 They were both pretty excited about the party.

 The kids all lined up and ready to go.  Can you believe this is Tricia's backyard??  Beautiful!

 Of course, Meg's first egg is a pink one.

 JD was very proud of his haul of eggs.

 Meg was pretty excited about the whole egg concept.

 Meg and Tricia's son Nolan enjoyed sharing some bunny crackers and a chair together.  They are about 6 months apart in age.

The party ended with some tears from JD because he lost his favorite egg prize and thought that meant the Easter Bunny wouldn't visit him on Sunday to teach him a lesson about losing toys.  JD gets such vivid ideas in his head!  He is a thinker!

We are ready for the Easter Bunny to make a visit this week!!