Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4 Years and 15 Months

We made it into the doctor late last week to get the kids checked-up'd and recorded.  It was the first time that both kids went in and neither was diagnosed with ear or sinus infections while we were there for a well check.  Of course, both kids have had a virus since then, but whatever...

And to mark such a momentous occasion, we took the kids for bluebonnet pictures...okay, not really, but I wanted to show off my pictures on the blog!

So my big 4 year old measured in at
42 inches tall (yes, he can ride the slide at the Broadmoor Hotel now!) - 85th percentile
42 pounds - 75th percentile

The doctor still says JD is tall and skinny, although that weight percentage always throws me!  He always impresses the doctor with his vocabulary.

My sweet 15 month girl measured in at
31 inches tall - 35th percentile
23 pounds - 50th percentile

Meg is doing great with all of her physical milestones and can pretty much run from A to B.  She can lift her arms over her head when you say "hands up" and loves to say "doh" or no when you ask her to point to her nose, ears, head or mouth (all things she can do but refuses to when asked).  She also stubbornly says "mam" instead of mama, but says a very cute "dada."  She will point to the tv in the car every time and say "Deedles" so she can watch her favorite video of the Wiggles. 

Meg will babble a blue streak and then look at you as if you should know what she said and she will actually get frustrated when you don't respond.  She also likes to color and flip through books (two things that my son was not fond of at that age). 

JD has always loved the "doctor house," mainly because of the toys and the lollipops.  But the 4 shots that he got this time changed his mind.  JD was downright livid that he got those shots and started to cry every time he thought about it for almost a day.  Poor guy!

Meg got her usual 2 shots and screamed, but got over it pretty fast.  But she is always leery of the doctor and hates to have ears, eyes and nose examined.  JD has never really cared about that part.

I'm proud to see my two kiddos growing, thriving and learning new skills with every visit!